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Every once in awhile something new comes along that is HUGE.

Naturally Huge
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Runner up for top pill in the world is this outstanding product. Tons of guys in the biz have used this product because it is consistent and works great. If it were not for SizeVital being so incredible this product would be at the top of the heap. It’s almost like being the back up quarterback to Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady – pretty tough to be better than those guys – even if you are great too. Ordinarily Naturally Huge would be the King-of-the-Mountain but not this year. However, lets look at why it too is such an outstanding product.

One of the first 5 things that jumps off the page when looking at Naturally Huge is the testimonials they have from real guys on their website. You have to see their video testimonials! They have like four or five guys there that have really added size to their dicks. So often I’m skeptical of those Before and After photos because they can be “Photoshopped” to make the “after” photo look bigger than it really is – but videos doesn’t lie. Plus, I know first hand from other guys in the adult biz that Naturally huge has made them bigger.

Too many male enhancement products are “one dimensional” – those days are long gone if a product wants to make it to the top of the heap! This proprietary blend used here is dominated by the natural combination of pharmaceutical grade ingredients they call Vasodex. The two key components of Vasodex are the Hemodialators: L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

To throw a little science at you – it is now understood that Citrulline converts to Arginine thereby producing more Nitric Oxide in your body and thereby expanding your circulation capacity. Sidney J. Morris, Jr., of the Department of Molecular Genetic and Biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine explains it “The conversion of citrulline to arginine occurs via the sequential action of argininosuccinate synthase and argininosuccinate lyase.” More nitric oxide means greater expansion which citrulline contributes to. By naming their proprietary blend Vasodex, Bio Vita Labs, the Palo Alto, California -based company behind Naturally Huge, is clearly trying to imitate or trying to glean some of the success of the leading supplement in the category, Longinexx. Vasodex sounds very similar to Vasobolic. They do a pretty good job of shadowing the famous Longinexx formula, but ultimately come up short on both potency and effectiveness. Incorporating L-Citrulline indicates a level of pharmacological sophistication few in the industry possess and its benefits are obvious. The formula is just under 1900mg per dosage and consists of 19 compounds. It is highlighted by Yanhusuo Extract, Long Jack, and Tribulus Terrestris Extract.

One of the things I like about Naturally Huge is that it's made in the United States. So many of the male enhancement pills are coming over to the U.S. in slow boats from China and Vietnam. The herbs are cheap and old and lack potency. It drives me nuts to see these shitty products out there promising to add 4 or 5 inches in four weeks or add 4 inches in 30 days. That is impossible. Let me repeat – That is IMPOSSIBLE! Marketing gimmicks are what dominate this industry because it is so popular. Everyone knows there are pills that can make your dick bigger – and Naturally Huge is defiantly one that works great – but the lowlifes in the business make big promises and then they don’t deliver. Be patient with Naturally Huge and you will get great results. It takes about 4 to 12 weeks for Naturally Huge to produce any REAL significant results. Just like lifting weights – you don’t lift weights for 3 weeks and turn into Arnold. You have seen the shape I’m in – to get my body in the shape it is in didn’t happen overnight, it takes time and hard work and proper supplementation. This product is a great product from a great company – it just takes a little time to work! As my choice as the second best male enhancement formula in the world, I can assure you that you will like the results you get if you use it properly!

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