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Xantho 5X
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This pill, Xantho-5X will literally change your life! (Stop whatever you are doing and take 2 minutes and read about this incredible product, and the even more incredible story behind its beginning). It is hands down, far and away the most advanced targeted, well-engineered pill I have ever seen for making your dick not only bigger but also longer. Many pills on the market promise to add inches and width, but none of them can compare to this gem. This stuff is the real deal my friend. It’s like comparing a unicycle to a Harley Davidson!

To really understand why it works so well, you have to know the story behind it and how I found out about it. The story behind it is almost as incredible as the results it produces.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years you know that Barry Bonds was taking steroids to hit all those home runs and break the home run record while playing for the San Francisco Giants. Bonds of course denied it because he never – not one time – tested positive for taking steroids. The steroids to Bonds and other MLB stars were supplied by a guy named Victor Conte. The name of his company was Balco. Conte was later convicted and spent a little time in Club Fed. As you may know from all the news stories on this huge case Conte and some other rogue chemists where giving Bonds and other players like Jason Giambi steroids that could not be detected by any of the tests MLB made the players go through. These guys at Balco were the best in the business and Bonds never would have gotten caught if not for Greg Anderson his trainer secretly recording phone calls with him and then ratting him out like a punk to the Feds.

Well what was never reported anywhere, not that it should have, was that while these Balco guys were contacting major league baseball players saying they could give them undetectable steroids that would make them stronger so they would hit more home runs and therefore make way more money – one of the rogue chemists associated with this group was also contacting adult film stars like myself with pills they had that could make our dicks longer. Just like pro baseball players – we too are professionals and a few extra inches could easily make an adult star like myself a whole lot more money!

All of the well-know male adult stars were contacted by a guy I’ll call Boyd. Boyd said he had developed a natural pill that could make our already long dicks even longer. He delivered the pills in a plain white bottle with no label on them, just 60 brown capsules. Guys started to take them and amazingly the stuff worked! Boyd was selling them for $675 a bottle. Sounds like a fortune – but it was worth every penny. The stuff was the bomb! Guys in the biz were terrified that he would sell it to the masses and we would all be out of work. What if every guy had a huge dick – then adult stars wouldn’t be so special! So we paid top dollar to get the size and to keep the guy happy.

Then one day Boyd suddenly disappeared. He was gone, his cell phone no longer worked and it was impossible to get a hold of him or find him. Three almost four years went by and then out of the blue – Boyd was back! (Rumor was that he was hiding out until the Feds finished their investigation) This time he said he was going to mass produce his pills and sell them to the public under the name Xantho-5X. Victor Conte the founder of Balco had come out of prison and started SNAC supplements, a company that makes muscle and strength and endurance pills – but no male enhancement pills. So in 2011, Boyd set up Size Bionics, Corp. and they have just one product – Xantho-5X - and it is taking off like crazy!!

As you will see when you read my other reviews there are other excellent products on the market, but none even come close to the level of performance and precision these pills produce. No matter how big your dick is or how small it is, this stuff works for everyone! Best invention I have seen in my lifetime.

The key ingredient is a natural compound called Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa. The only study I could find on this and how it affects your penis is a study out of a university in Australia. That was about it. Part of me thinks Boyd has some secret ingredients in the product that no one knows about and he just says the key ingredient is Xanthoparmeila Scabrosa so it makes it harder for his competitors to copy his formula. What the key ingredient is really doesn’t matter, all that matters is that this stuff works better than I could ever imagine. It is not yet in many stores, only about 400 stores nationally, but you can get it directly from their website and I know for a fact it is selling so fast they can barely keep up with the demand.

This pill does it all: it’s natural, it’s safe, it will make you longer, it will make you wider and it will make you harder. You just take two pills a day and it works in about a month. Some guys report changes as quick as two weeks – okay maybe- but for most men you will start to notice real changes in about 4 to six weeks.

At the end of the day, this pill gets my vote as the greatest pill ever invented. You are going to be seeing it everywhere and hear people talking about it all over the country. And to think that the REAL story behind this is that it sprung out of the group of people that were responsible for helping major league baseball players take steroids without getting caught. Xantho-5X will make your bat bigger too!!

You can order Xantho-5X from the company directly at 1-800-519-9122
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