These fucking rip offs are all over the Internet porn sites! There are about 20 different companies offering FREE Trials of dick pills and muscle pills. Out of those 20 at least 15 are TOTAL SCAMS! I’m serious. They tell you that you just pay for shipping and handling and then they send you more bottles and charge you like $100 a bottle! It’s crazy.

Now there is nothing wrong with getting a free bottle and trying the pills for a few bucks and if the pills are working of course you are going to want more and of course you are going to pay for them. This is fair and we all understand this. Some companies do it right. But some of these guys are basically crooks. Here is what you have to watch out for – if the company is claiming to be run by some porn star who doesn’t want his identity known – it’s a scam. I know all the guys in porn, have worked with most of them and most of them are real good guys – I mean really great honest guys who don’t hide their identity for anything! So don’t believe that scam.



I hate this scam more than any other because this can actually kill someone. I’m not joking. There are guys offshore mixing up pills with chemicals from China and putting them in pills with herbs and sending them to the United States and selling them.

Next time you go to the gas station or to a 7-11 type store check out the pills they sell for about $10 for one or two pills – those will be the pills laced with drugs. The reason these are so expensive is because they are laced. Now some of them as you would imagine work pretty darn well – but I’m warning you man this stuff can be dangerous. I have heard of some of these products being so strong they contain the equivalent of like 5 Viagra pills. That shit can kill a horse if you take too much. The FDA has shut down or taken off the market something like 150 pills over the last 10 years that are laced. I have heard horror stories of men being rushed to the hospital with serious problems and there have been at least 20 documented cases reported of men dying from this. It is no joke. Especially if you are over 60 years old and have any kind of heart issue this can be deadly. I hate this stuff and would not give any one of these crooked companies one fucking dollar! Watch out fro these pills: Phuk, Stallion, Libigrow, Night Bullet, Casanova, LibiUp, and Good Morning – they all appear to be laced!



There are plenty of low life guys who hang around the adult industry who will lie to you and say anything to you to be your friend. They are trying to be friends with me so they hope I will introduce them to the girls or invite them to some of our parties. Well, there have been guys trying to get close to adult stars – some of my buddies too, not just me, and they say they are doctors. These guys are not doctors. How low do you have to be to pretend you are a doctor to fool people. Well, I have seen a guy who goes by the name of Dr. Treadwell DuBois and another guy named Dr. Michael Edwards saying they are the doctors to the Adult Film stars and they each claim to have invented sex pills that make your dick longer. Do not believe these guys. They are not doctors, but conmen. They do not advertise on the Internet but they send out brochures in the mail – these are 100% bogus. Remember these names and don’t get swindled.



I’m proud to be an adult film star! I’m proud of the AVN Awards and other awards I have won. I was proud to be on Entourage. What I do is very hard and most guys would say I’m living the American Dream! I get paid to sleep with some of the most beautiful women in the world – not bad for a kid from Jersey! So you can imagine how pissed I get when I see scummy Internet websites selling all kinds of sex products for men claiming they are “famous adult film stars” who don’t want their identity known. It’s B.S. No adult film star would hide his name or face. I wouldn’t endorse anything that I was ashamed to put my name or face on. So when you get an email or see a website selling some kind of sex product from a male porn star who doesn’t want his identity revealed – take a pass, because it will be a scam 100% guaranteed.