Are You A Sexual Athlete?

Tommy's Inside Secrets On Making Your Penis Bigger!

NBA Players have to be in great shape to run night in and night out, NFL stars are in insane shape. However, I have many weeks where I have to fuck 15 to 20 different broads and to keep your dick big and strong is hard work! I’m serious many adult guys can only hang in the business for a year or two because of the demands on your dick. All the top guys take pills and have other little tricks they do to keep big and fit.

Make Your Penis Go For The Gold! Here are some of my important pointers:

1. Black Pepper

Sexual Athlete

You are probably wondering what the fuck black pepper has to do with making your dick bigger right? Well the answer is it’s all about absorption. If you go down to GNC and look at top supplements from MuscleTech, EAS, Gaspari Nutrition, VPX, BSN or USP Labs or any other top supplement manufacturer you will see that they use a product called BioPerine in many of their supplements. BioPerine is a patented form of black pepper. The reason it is in all these products is that it increases the absorption of the ingredients in a product and therefore dramatically improving its bioavailability. In other words if you take Bioperine you will get a much greater benefit out of the pill you are taking than if you don’t take it. The difference is like night and day. I learned this from a former Mr. Olympian who is a fan of my work.

Here is the secret he told me – you don’t need BioPerine – just go to your local supermarket and get a bottle of Black Pepper and every time you take your supplement take the equivalent of half a teaspoon of crushed black pepper about 60 seconds before you take your supplement and the shit will work so much better!

As you know I have rated my Top 5 Pills to make your dick bigger. I don’t care which one you use they all work – but no matter which one you try make sure you also use my pepper trick. You will get gains beyond belief. Now several of the top pills have BioPerine in them or generic Black Pepper – but it’s not enough in my opinion – Do the Black Pepper trick and you will thank me.

2.Moisturize Your Junk

Sexual Athlete

Listen I’m not going soft on you or suggesting you paint your nails – but as pussy as it sounds moisturizing or hydrating your dick every couple of weeks is a must. No kidding. Your dick gets no air down in your pants at all. I bet you didn’t know that your dick actually shrinks when you get older if you don’t do anything to help it. It’s like a broad’s tits starts to sag, a guys dick starts to shrink. In my business that’s a death sentence. A few of the older guys who have been around a long time taught me this moisturizing trick.

Here is what you do. Some Saturday or Sunday when you are just around the house doing shit or watching a ballgame and you are not seeing anyone – get a bottle of Lubriderm or Aveeno or some other moisturizer from the drug store. Then massage it into your dick – don’t jack off – but massage it into your dick and literally put a bunch on so you can barely see your dick. Then put your underwear on and leave this stuff all caked up on your dick for a few hours. After it has been on a few hours then wash it off.

What this does is keep your dick healthy, supple, and oxygenated so that it can respond to supplements. It also keeps the skin nice – trust me chicks can tell the difference.

3. Increase Sperm Production

Sexual Athlete

Want to shoot a huge load? Simply start taking a bunch of Vitamin E. Take like three times the recommended dose on the bottle (don’t worry it can’t hurt you – but just three times the dose not like 20 times) do this for about 5 days and then go give your chick a facial and she’ll look like you poured a milkshake on her! Vitamin E increases sperm production super fast – all the guys in the biz use this trick!

4. Shave Your Shit

Sexual Athlete

Hopefully I don’t have to tell you this is pretty much grooming 101, but for those guys out there that don’t do it – trim down your pubic hair. It looks nice and it also gives your dick the appearance that it is bigger than it is. This trick won’t make your dick bigger but it looks bigger to the girl and chicks hate hairy bushy guys.

5. Don’t use a Delay Cream

Sexual Athlete

Delay cream is for losers. The shit makes your dick numb and it tells a chick you can’t handle your shit – you look like an amateur – and those creams also make a chick’s pussy numb and they don’t like it. If you want to last longer – I am coming out with a new video program with many of the other top adult stars so I can’t tell you too much here because of my contract – but I can tell you this. There is a supplement called 5HTP you can take and in about a month you will notice a difference. There are some specific pills out there that are okay – but all you really need is some pure 5HTP that you can get in any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. If you are in Europe get your hands on Prilligy – it’s made by Johnson & Johnson and it’s not legal in the US or Canada yet, but I have tried it a few times and it really works. I don’t take it though because I don’t need to I have other ways to delay that are not pharmaceutical.

6. Screw Jelquing

Sexual Athlete

Guys ask me about this crap all the time. These exercises are like Medieval torture! Pure bull shit. Listen I workout 5 days a week –every week and my body fat is nothing and I’m in great shape, and I believe BIG TIME in lifting and working out. But these penis exercises don’t’ work. In fact they can damage you and fuck your shit up. The key to making your penis bigger is expanding the two chambers in the shaft of your penis. To do this you need to use compounds that can get into the tissue there and manipulate them. That is it – other than of course surgery and I wouldn’t wish penis surgery on my worst enemy.

I take supplements to make my muscles bigger – In fact I have designed a few of my own that work great. Click here to see my products. But as you hopefully learn from my site there are pills that can make you bigger and wider but jelquing is not something I recommend.

7. Extenders’ Don’t Work

Sexual Athlete

Extenders are just a gimmick. Your dick might seem little bigger after doing it the first time – but I am WARNING you – this can really fuck up your dick! You can pull a muscle or a tendon in it – go Google the word Peyronies and check out the pictures of what your dick looks like when this happens. It looks like a freaking pretzel! I am warning you man this stuff can really cause you long-term problems and you might never be able to fuck again!

8. Cycle Your Supplements

Sexual Athlete

At the beginning of any supplement regimen you should cycle them in what I call a loading Phase. By this I mean - say you go buy a bottle of some top rated enlargement pills well in addition to what their directions say you should take double amounts for the first 5 days to saturate your system. Remember you also take black pepper at the same time. What this does it drenches or overloads the two chambers in your penis and jump-starts the transformation phase.

I also do this every four months. There is no rhyme or reason to it other than it works. World Champion body builders do this shit all the time with steroids and other supplements. The penis is easy to manipulate. We are talking about a small part of your body after all. Even if you have a huge dick to start with – it is nothing compared to your biceps or your thighs or calves. To pump up your dick a few inches can be done with a smart supplementing strategy and with good products, so don’t trip too much – this is easy – but you have to do all this stuff. No one wants to cycle every four months – but that’s one of the things it takes.

9. Don’t Be a Pussy

Sexual Athlete

Lesson number one I learned growing up on the streets of New Jersey is be a fucking man and don’t be a pussy! It’s true. I take care of my shit and have respect for everyone and would never cause anyone any trouble unless they have it coming - and then if they do –brother you don’t want to see that day!

Look I hang out with some of the biggest names in the world. You’ve seen me on Entourage and other stuff, but let me tell you the superstars I have met, the things I have seen, I can tell you the top guys – the real winners – man these dudes work so hard and are so serious about taking care of their body you have no idea. I’m not gonna put them on front street here, but let me tell you it takes a real man to do the things I’m talking about when it comes to making your dick bigger and healthier. So follow my advice and I think you too will have a Superstar dick!

Not many guys want to cycle or to crush pepper or to moisturize and all the other stuff I have mentioned here – but man this stuff works. It might seem like a pain in the ass – but think about the upside. Do you know how great you are going to feel taking some chick to bed knowing that when she unzips your pants she is going to go nuts. You will have the time of your life – for a long, long time.

Don’t just go buy one of the supplements I recommend and think that is all you have to do. Yeah you will get bigger if that’s all you do, but if you are serious, and I mean serious and determined to have a much bigger dick then man up and do this stuff I am talking about and one day after you bust a huge nut all over the hottest piece of ass you have ever had – then my friend you will remember your buddy Tommy Gunn and you’ll thank me.