SizeVitrexx Scam

Is SizeVitrexx a Scam?

SizeVitrexx is not a scam. You will not be autobilled and your credit card won't be charged monthly. There are plenty of male enhancment pills that do this, unfortunately their products are shit and they tend to get shut down really fast! That's why I recommend buying SizeVitrexx directly from the official SizeVitrexx website -

One Scam that I found is there are people and companies selling counterfeit SizeVitrexx and writing "fake" SizeVitrexx reviews in order to make money off of the SizeVitrexx's name and popularity. SizeVitrexx is a main stay in the adult industry and one of the most effective products on the market. I have bottles of it in my bag and is one of the greatest tools in my toolbox whenever it's time to film. But BEWARE. Do not buy this product anywhere but from the actual retailer because counterfeit products are prolific and can be found on ebay, amazon and other places. Read more about this scam here: The Big SizeVitrexx Scam.

- Tommy Gunn

More information can be found on the SizeVitrexx faq page. Or by calling 1-800-803-0469.

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