Lamar Odom Almost Died from Taking Herbal Pills – Too Bad He Didn’t Know About SizeVitrexx

While most of you guys know that there are tons of male enhancement supplements out there to help you get harder and last longer, many don’t know about some of the dangers that come along with these pills. If you’ve checked out my site before, you know how I always talk about new supplements, ingredients, and even pornstars who are using some of these awesome new male enhancement pills. I’m always talking about how some of these top products can actually make a huge difference in the sack, and even help you get the confidence to bang some of the hottest chicks out there. As a sexual athlete myself, I always want to know the best of the best, and new ingredients and science that is revolutionizing the world of sex to help make you a sex god just like me. Unfortunately, there is a much darker side to this industry. There are tons and tons of companies and pop-up sex pills that you see in random convenience stores, often only sold as 1 or 2 pills. What most guys don’t know about these products is that many of them aren’t tested, and they often contain illegal ingredients that often very dangerous. A friend of mine who many of you might know, Lamar Odom, is an unfortunate victim of some of these supplements.

When I heard that Lamar Odom fell into a coma after taking one of these shady supplements, I couldn’t believe it. When most men think of herbal supplements, they usually assume that they are made and formulated with natural ingredients that are safe and effective, and they will do one thing, and one thing only. Turn their sex life around to help them perform like never before, and help them show their girls’ what a real man can fuck like. These shady convenience store supplements really make the rest of this industry look bad. The more I heard about Lamar, the more mad I became. He was only 35 years old at the time, still in the shape of a super athlete, and he falls unconscious at the Love Ranch in Nevada. Any guy trying to have a good time should not have to worry about taking an all-natural male enhancement supplement at a time like that. The more I read about it the more I learned that many of these ‘pop-up’ supplement companies, like one of the supplements Lamar had taken, often contain illegal or dangerous chemicals and ingredients. Some of them even contain tadalafil, which is the active ingredient in the prescription drug Cialis. This is more of a shock to me than anything.

When you look at any of the reviews for some of the top supplements on my page, you will see that every single ingredient is all natural, and always displayed and showed on the supplement facts, and completely safe. I just wish Lamar had looked at the site, and maybe tried one of the top supplements like SizeVitrexx before he went to try one of those shady pills. You can read more about my review for SizeVitrexx here. When taking an all-natural supplement, you should always know exactly what you are taking, what’s in the product, and what the ingredients do. It just blows my mind that there are pills out there that don’t even list actually what’s in them, and guys are actually putting themselves in harms way by taking them. When it comes down to it, you should review any supplement or pill you put into you body, regardless of what it does. It’s always a good idea to check out the website for the product, review the ingredients, see what other customers have said about it or even look for testimonials. Even when I’m hitting the gym and looking for a new protein powder, I make sure to visit the company’s website and review the ingredients. Male enhancement and improving how awesome your dick feels and looks is no different. The more research the better. Or even take a look at my list of top supplements if your looking to really improve things in the bedroom. Either way, always think before you walk into a store and buy a pill that isn’t completely transparent about what’s in it or how it works.

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