Ron Jeremy Scores with No Less Than 9 Women on Set – What Pill Is He Taking?!

This is not made up. Of course not, it’s RJ. Tommy’s adult entertainment colleague. A legend. A f-ing hero. As You kn… His career is top-out-of-sight extraordinary. But now, you’d think, with years of his illustrious career behind him, he’s ready to call it quits. Right?

As you know… His career is top-out-of-sight extraordinary. But now, you’d think, with years of his illustrious career behind him, he’s ready to call it quits. Right?

The Porn god Rises Again

Nope. Not Ron. A god who is rising again and getting it up big-time – on the freakin’ screen. And recently he was on the set doing 9+ ladies, a porn god from the beginning and still banging away in all his glory.

Did you know…A while ago, Ron had a setback with some health issues. That scared everyone and made them think…now he’ll retire, he’s got to rest.And that wouldn’t have been wrong. But Ron has had more to cum. And you wouldn’t believe what got him back up and running.

The Pill That Fuels Ron’s Fire

His newly discovered super male enhancement pill, SizeVitrexx, made him shoot up again like a huge cannon. This one has some miracle ingredients that you might find dotting the landscape of the male enhancement products. But this formula pounds out giant, hardcore hard-ons when you take it regularly. It is really unique in its blend. And Ron is proof that it works.

Crazy Potent Pure Ingredients

Some highlights to the ingredients in the proprietary blend are: the famed Tribulus Terrestris (if you haven’t heard about it, read the article that’s linked). Also included: Butea Superba (with product engineering from the scientist who worked out how it scientifically kills erection killers. It actually shuts them down and releases the power of your penis to get revved…UP. For a long-lasting time in the sack. (You got to see what Ron was doing. That was a full-on shoot and took time to film.) And it’s also got this patented formula of Eurycoma Longfolia called LJ100, which increases libido, male infertility, builds athletic performance, body toning and sculpting, and lowers body fat. That is a dynamite set of implications, right?

Can Male Enhancement Pills Hurt You?

Whoa, is that safe for a guy who’s had health issues (like heart issues)?

What’s crazy is, it’s actually good for you. You can take it every day, for a long time, forever. It doesn’t do any damage, in fact it builds your health over time. (And the size of your dick.)

All the same, don’t rush in taking anything blindly, because everyone is different. And if you’ve got a condition or you’re taking any meds, always check with a trusted pharmacist or physician who really knows you and your medical history, if at all possible. It’s really important.

But take Ron as a good sign that there are all-natural supplements that will be fine for you and your condition. And not just fine, but as mentioned, it’s supportive of your overall masculine health as you age and address your own health challenges.

Back in the Sack Again

Ron is hard proof – even if you’re in the bedroom with your woman and not on the porn set with 12 hot-ass bunnies, you don’t have to stop being a stud. And you definitely don’t have to give up on pleasure.

If you’re curious, you can check out Tommy’s SizeVitrexx review and learn more about what’s rocketed Ron back.

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