Thai Super Herb Butea Superba Is Getting It Up in Male Enhancement

Guys in Thailand have been keeping the plant called Red Kwao Krua secret for centuries, maybe longer. They’ve been using it forever as an aphrodisiac – damn, that sounds weak, like turtle soup or chocolate. Stuff that’s actually made up shit. Stuff that depends mostly on psychology and placebo effects. At best, the caffeine buzz gives you energy that makes you more likely to get horny. 

Fake or For Real

“Aphrodisiac” makes it sound like it’s all in your mind, not your head

That’s why its hardcore hard-on power was such a secret. It sounds like some other exotic herb that some bougie couple from Sedona, Arizona would pay big bucks for to get pregnant. And then see an energy healer and do a chant.

Not to diss belief. You got to believe that something works or it’s not going to. But there’s a difference between male enhancement myths and the real goodness of powerhouse goods like Butea Superba. 

But what’s bizarre is that if you Wikipedia Butea Superba, it bashes it. It makes it look like a fake male enhancement ingredient. This is bullshit. The author probably has some stick up their ass about male enhancement in general, based on the way it sounds. 

Don’t believe crap that can’t stand up to facts. You can’t argue with science. 

Superb-a Science

Thai guys have been passing this around for years on the D.L., and suddenly one of their scientists, Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, outs them. It was an inside job. Since he’s from Thailand, maybe he had insider information and insight. So, he took it seriously. To the point where he went to town with research. And when I say he did research, I mean, it’s indisputable. If you really need to know the details, you can see this link to my absolute favorite male enhancement pill SizeVitrexx. It’s a whole science paper abstract.

Tell me that it’s a placebo now, bastard.

Here’s the gist of what Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart found out. In layman’s terms. You can’t get it up. Or you can, but it’s weak. What’s going on is that the smooth muscle in your dick is too uptight. Kind of the opposite of smooth. So you take Butea Superba (a quality, high-grade kind, like the one they put in SizeVitrexx) and bang, with that muscle relaxed, your dick gets blood flow and springs up into action, rushes to attention and it’s on.

Attacking Enemies of the Hard-on

Another way of looking at it in regular language is that there’s a substance in your body called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This is the thing that ties down your johnson from getting big, hard, full, and up. Our Thai scientist pinned down the reason for the centuries of Butea Superba use in the bedroom. It goes after the SHBG and shuts it down. When SHBG is shut down, your erection can happen, and happen massive big time. 

Phase 3 on this page of the SizeVitrexx website. Check it out. 

It’s changing the male enhancement game and I am all over it. Seriously the best thing that’s happened to male enhancement in a long time. And not all products have it. Especially not a good strain of it, so make sure you go with a product that isn’t shorting you on getting longer.

This stuff will rock your rocks. For real. It’s not just for Thai guys anymore, thanks to Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart.

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