Why Tommy Is Rising Up in Every Way?

Let’s face it, our man has had it going on for a while now. He’s a fresh face in this millennium and in his 50’s he’s hot as hell. Hotter than ever. Believe it or not, like almost every guy ever, he started out shy and afraid of talking to girls. Yes, even Tommy Gunn.

Confidence Builds

He noticed something… something that a lot of guys notice, but don’t do anything about. The fit body, the guns make the ladies go crazy for you, they just can’t help themselves. As your guns grow, so does your confidence and savoir faire with the fairer sex. It’s because instead of ignoring his health and body or just resigning and giving up and feeling like a “weakling” or a “loser”, he got busy going to the gym and taking care of his ass-ets so he could get busy on the screen. And now he’s Tommy Gunn.

The awards keep coming, and so does he—on the big screen. After XBIZ awarded him as Best Male Performer of the Year award in 2011, he was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2016. Just last year, he got yet another XBIZ award for Best Sex Scene of 2018.

The man doesn’t stop, and neither does his big gunn. You know what that means…

At this age, lots of stars shift into roles that aren’t quite as front and center with the centerfolds. Not Tommy. It’s like he’s just starting, still rising. And this is why: he does what he’s got to do to as an XBIZ Hall of Fame inductee.

Taking New Action

Flash back to when he was just a kid and noticed that the body builders get the girls. He was shy, but he didn’t shy away from what he had to do to reach his goal. He grabbed it with all he had. 

Some guys give up way too soon, before they even start. Other guys go strong while they’re in their 20’s, 30’s, maybe 40’s and then, because they’re told they just reach the top and it’s all down hill from here, they stop trying. Hormones change, the body doesn’t do exactly what it did when you were riding high. Then they go, “Yeah, I’ve had my day, now I’m on the decline.” They actually choose to believe that their time is over.

Not Tommy. 

And like he did when he was a boy, he got realistic about what he had to do to keep going, to keep climbing. To grab his goals by the balls. What is it? All-natural supplements. Yes, vitamins and proteins and all the things you’d expect of a guy like him. But some of the supplements he takes are top of the line male enhancement pills. 

Of course, they’re not the pharmaceutical kind that work against your body, or anything synthetic or damaging. You know the ones…you take them before sex, it’s a quick fix and a sudden death to your penis.

Tommy is way, way, way more selective. He’s searched long and hard… He only takes the kind that are good for his health, increase testosterone, and that he can keep taking. One that he loves is SizeVitrexx (you can see his SizeVitrexx Review for more information).

He’s hotter and hornier than he was when he was young, and the best part of the supplements that aren’t “situational” are that he’s ready to go any time. All the time. 

Word on the street is that not only do these make him hornier…they enhance his package with crazy big, thick boners. And also…the delayed cum. 

It shows…it’s never too late to get up and cum late. Tommy Gunn keeps smokin’.

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